Congressman Jim Cooper Visits Frost-Arnett

Frost-Arnett hosted Representative Jim Cooper to their headquarters on April 10, 2017.  

The Congressman from the 5th District of Tennessee toured the facility and sat down with Frost-Arnett’s CEO, President, President Emeritus and Chief Compliance Officer.

“It was a great introductory meeting with Representative Cooper, which touched on many topics that are currently being decided in Washington that impact our industry and business,” said Jason Meyer, Frost-Arnett’s CEO.

“George Buck, our President Emeritus, has been very engaged with the Washington community, including direct discussions with the CFPB, as they continue to work on regulatory measures for our industry that balance consumer rights with the ability to reach them to resolve their outstanding debts,” Jason said. 

“We are in favor of protecting consumers rights and regulating out the bad actors in our industry that don’t treat consumers respectfully. In fact, we view our services as helpful for our clients as well as the consumer as the consumer’s financial condition is, by definition, improved after we’ve resolved their outstanding debt. Representative Cooper intently listened as we outlined some of the barriers that are being erected in Washington as it relates to our industry,” said George Buck. “I think it was a very productive meeting and I look forward to more discussion with Congressman Cooper in time.”

We appreciate the effort Congressman Cooper made to visit our office.