Resolving patient balances are complicated for everyone.

Let us help you and your customers.

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Over 125 years of proven results for our clients.

We understand that choosing a company to help with your Accounts Receivable Management needs is a difficult decision. You need a partner you can trust to operate in today’s consumer environment that is focused on the best recovery but also is focused on maintaining the highest compliance and data security standards. That is why you want to choose Frost-Arnett. We continue to make significant investments in compliance, technology and training that a best-in-class partner must make to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

While our methods have changed through the years, our core principals have not. If you are only interested in the lowest rate, regardless of results, we are not for you. For decades we have been the partner of choice for respectable creditors that share our belief in the fair treatment of all consumers. Every communication we make with a consumer has the same dual objective: pursue the highest recovery while maintaining a positive experience for the consumer. We know that it is only through our clients’ repeated successes that we will achieve our long-term success.


For more than 125 years, Frost-Arnett has pursued the highest recovery on delinquent accounts, while protecting the consumer’s relationship with our client. Our representatives treat consumers with respect and empathy, while fully expecting the account to be resolved.


We have been helping clients for over 30 years focus on their entire billing process while using our highly-skilled staff to increase self-pay payments and provide valuable customer service.

Extended Business Office Services

Our highly-skilled staff has been working in innovative ways to provide ROI-enhancing services including insurance follow-up, pre-registration services and many other revenue cycle services that our clients don’t have the bandwidth or personnel to handle.

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I appreciate the quality of service we receive from Frost-Arnett. They have remained a vendor of choice for our facilities.
We consider Frost-Arnett a valued partner in our revenue cycle management.
Frost-Arnett has gone out of its way to help us. They are very compassionate in their work and believe in our standards of performance.
I would like to thank the Frost-Arnett team for their kindness, time and effort that they give me whenever I’m in need of help.
Frost-Arnett responds quickly every time we have a question. Plus, we receive no complaints from our patients, and that is very important to us.