How to Hire a Collections Agency

Here at Frost-Arnett, we firmly believe in providing patient payment resolution so that healthcare providers can focus on what matters most: providing healthcare. As a leading collections agency supporting the healthcare industry, we focus on easing the pain of collections for your patients, making it simple and easy for them to pay their medical bills. But, how do you hire a collections agency? We’ve put together a list of 3 steps that you should take when it comes time for you to hire a healthcare collections agency to take care of your patient payment resolution for you.

Determine your top priorities in a collections agency partner.


Are you looking for an agency partner who does general collections for many different companies across various industries? Or is it in your best interest to hire an agency that has expertise in your specific industry? When it comes to healthcare collections, your patient-provider relationships should not be overlooked and are an essential consideration in your choice. Do the payment plans your partner agency offers matter? How about revenue cycle management services? Make a list of your top priorities in a collections agency partner that you can use to vet potential partners.

Have a consultation call with your top contenders.


After you’ve determined your top priorities in a collections agency partner and vetted a few of them to your liking, it’s time to speak with your top contenders. Book consultation calls with your top contenders and see if they can give you case studies of their work with other partners that are similar to your business. Do you foresee yourself having a good working relationship with any of the agencies in particular? How do communication and collaboration over different aspects of your revenue cycle management work?

Evaluate fees, expertise, and services.


Finally, after consulting with several of your top agency prospects, it’s time to make a choice. Which agency will best suit your wants and needs as a healthcare practice? Do their fees, expertise, and services align with your expectations and desires? Ask around to hear other practice’s experiences with the agency before making your final decision.

Once you’ve taken all three of these steps, it’s time to draw up a contract, sign the paperwork, and get started onboarding your partner agency! Frost-Arnett has over 125 years of experience in healthcare collections. We offer an extensive range of payment plans and services to cater to a wide variety of practice’s needs. Give us a call at (615) 259-6271 to learn more about partnering with us.

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