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What rate: contingency or recovery?

Your recovery rate has a sixfold impact on your ROI.

That’s right. It’s not the commission rate that impacts your ROI. The key to choosing the right vendor for an ARM project is more than just who can give the lowest rate. It’s a combination of who brings the best technology, people, and service. This yields higher recoveries and a higher ROI on your project.

Want proof?

Tech-enabled Services

  • Connect your data to patient insights
  • Score the patient and predict the best pathway
  • Assign a unique pathway for the best messages, channels and timeframes to communicate

10% to 25%

Improvement in revenue for our early-out partners

We’ve got proof

Full Suite of Services

Early-Out | Insurance Follow-up | Coding | Customer Service | Pre-Service Registration + Estimates | Prior-Authorizations | Insurance Discovery | Medicaid Discovery + Enrollment | Omnichannel Payments | Patient Payment Portal | Bad-Debt