Why Frost-Arnett

Frost-Arnett has built a reputation for Service and Results second to none in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. We are a best-in-breed Accounts Receivable Management company. Our dedication to the following three core business philosophies, and our understanding that each is equally important to our clients, makes us unique and has stood the test of time.
Consumer Respect

Our representatives are trained to understand that the best outcomes occur when we focus on both account resolution and protecting your patient-provider relationships.

Superior Recovery

Our experienced management team – average tenure over 15 years – combined with our extensive compliance investments, advanced analytics, and state-of-the-art technologies have allowed us to adapt to the ever-changing ARM landscape and provide superior recovery for our clients.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing each client with the utmost support and attention they deserve—only through your success will we achieve our success.


Several Examples of Our Client’s Systems

Vendor System Experience

Patient Engagement Technology


We employ world-class security providers to protect your data as exemplified by our SOC2 and PCI.



Client Relations

We provide multiple contacts including a primary liaison, with a team of back-ups, who will be intimately familiar with you and your needs and assist you with your day-to-day needs.

Our average response time is less than 1 hour and we have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.


Initial Training

  • Approach
  • Payer Educations
  • Laws & Regulations

Ongoing Training
Annual recertifications are required for all employees in the areas of FDCA, HIPAA, and Red Flag.

We utilize Eterna for daily training and compliance reinforcement for the entire company.

Management Training
Frost-Arnett University (FAU) supervisor and management training program.



Our Business Intelligence team continually utilize Champion/Challenger strategies.

Our algorithms determine the best time and method for reaching your patients in the medium they prefer (text, email, chat, phone).

We incorporate over 250 non-credit based factors to segregate your patient population to maximize recoveries over the lifecycle of the account.



We turned the challenge of compliance into a core competency and have become a leading voice in medical collections. We engage regularly with the CFPB to provide feedback for proposed regulations.

We invest nearly 5% of revenues into our compliance efforts to ensure that we are operating within the confines of the ever-changing industry landscape.