How to Find the Right Collections Agency As a Healthcare Provider

Healthcare providers have unique needs to prioritize when selecting a collection agency to preserve their caring, compassionate patient-provider relationships. Since debt collection can be a sensitive topic for many folks, healthcare providers run the risk of compromising these relationships if a collection isn’t handled properly. This makes finding the right collections agency super important. 

As a healthcare provider, keep these three things in mind while searching for the right collections agency:

Does the agency have empathetic and courteous staff who have experience consulting patients about outstanding accounts?


Empathy, honesty, and understanding are key characteristics that your healthcare collections agency needs to employ to connect with your patients and preserve the integrity of your relationships while maximizing your collection. It’s important to hire a collection agency that remains results-driven. But it is equally important to hire one that knows how to deal with patients professionally and assist them in any means possible to ease the pain of debt collection. The more experience that the agency has, the better their services are likely to be. They will have years of experience carefully preserving patient-provider relationships while resolving outstanding accounts.

Is the agency PPMS certified?


The Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certification is a quality assurance program that indicates a collection agency has a management system that achieves rigorous standards for professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness within their organization. Each PPMS certification has gone through an 18-element process to develop, implement, and adhere to unique policies and practices. These policies and practices bring about increased client satisfaction and high-level business procedures. Frost Arnett is one of less than 1% of the American Collectors Association members who are PPMS certified. Because the certification is so rigorous, bearing the certification is an achievement that marks an agency as excellent in its field. Healthcare providers and companies from other industries alike should always seek PPMS certified collection agencies when they want the most qualified hands possible managing their debt collection and their patient-provider relationships.

Does the agency have the capacity to serve a diverse range of patients with high quality service?


Collection agencies that are optimal for healthcare providers will be able to reach and effectively communicate with a diverse range of patients. Select a collection agency whose representatives are not only trained in healthcare debt collection but also have the ability to communicate in multiple languages during the most convenient hours across several time zones. This is key to providing great customer service to your patients. Frost Arnett has call centers that span all four U.S. time zones and provides many language options with bilingual representatives in-house and the ability to interpret over 100 languages. 


Ease the pain of debt collection and discuss the right healthcare collection agency option for you with Frost Arnett by dialing 1 (855) 287-7043. We strive to provide our 1000+ healthcare clients with the best debt collection services possible. We’d love to discuss what’s possible when you partner with us.

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